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shanghai premier Import & Export Co LTD

ShanghaiPremier CO., LTD. is the specialized manufacturer of all kinds of PVC decorative film, our company is located in Shanghai City in China. we are one of the first company who produced high gloss metallic film and 3D pattern film in China. Our product include:

PVC high gloss metallic film

High gloss solid color film

3D pattern film

Anti scratched wood grain film

Laser pattern flm

Glass film

PET film with pattern for steel plate.

There are more than 1000 different designs and color available.
 Our pvc film are largely used in indoor decoration for vacuum press, 3d laminating or flat laminating on wood, MDF, plastic board.

Width of our pvc film: 1240-1450mm
 Thickness of our pvc film:0.14mm-0.50mm
 Matching color or pattern are also welcome.